Saturday, December 25, 2010
They say Hip-Hop is the voice of the youth… I say Hip-Hop is the voice of the truth. But ain’t nothing like an artist who can be both:  the voice of the youth & the voice of the truth.
Check out my interview w/ an up-and-coming New Jerz indie artist Cos…
Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Hip-Hop… it’s prolly one of the most controversial phenomena. People love it; people hate it. Everyone knows the word but still no one can say what exactly it is. There are lots of definitions & everyone goes with their own. Some say that Hip-Hop is a culture, a movement, a music style, an art form, a lifestyle but most of all Hip-Hop is a mindset… I would even say “a soul-set”… cuz Hip-Hop is not just a form but substance… Cupid’s arrow that shoots you right through your heart & leaves a mark that never goes away… Hip-Hop is everything & nothing; it’s everywhere & nowhere. And even tho’ there’s a common opinion that Hip-Hop is restricted to its four main elements: Emceeing, Break Dancing, Graffiti & DJing; this phenomenon is much bigger than just that. Hip-Hop is self-expression of an individual who reflects the whole world in a piece of art… it’s so common & so unique… so brand new & so familiar… so revolutionary & so classic. It’s a voice that says things others might be afraid to say… a rebel who breaks the rules to make a difference & change the world… voice that says “I am” but means “We are”. It’s a spirit that knows no boundaries… spirit that lives through prose & rhymes, melodies & beats, paintings, moves... It doesn’t matter what exactly you are doing or how you express yaself; as long as you do it in unison w/ the spirit of Hip-Hop you are Hip-Hop… 

Now lemme introduce to y’all a young princess of Hip-Hop canvas, up-and-coming artist, Vanessa Cabarloc. When the illest lyricists create metaphors w/ the help of words, this girl paints them saying things that can’t be put into words but nevertheless can’t remain unsaid. A lot of things can be said about Vanessa’s art but Imma let it speak for itself. Welcome to the world of Vanessa Cabarloc…  
Friday, November 5, 2010

They say, life is what chu make it. But how can you make it when you're a Nobody surrounded by Somebodies… or maybe you’re just a Somebody surrounded by a bunch of Nobodies? What if you are a Nobody who’s destined to be a Somebody… or maybe even thee Somebody? That’s something people ask themselves at a certain point in their lives. The wrong answer to those questions can break you but the right answer can make you… make you all that you can be & even more.
Ya favorite one-man-band-man YFame once again blesses the world dropping a mixtape called “The Somebody-ish Nobody”. W/ his previous projects Fame has already proved that he’s something the world has never seen or heard. YFame’s unique & authentic style always influences his music in every possible way both musically & lyrically. But this time he took that “style” to a whole 'nother level. Fame’s lyrical game is off the chain… every verse is so well written that it makes real hard to believe that he’s only an up-and-coming artist. While some other cats are down for whatever to be under the spotlight YFame walks his own walk staying authentic & never questioning the artist that he is. I don’t care how many records you sold… what really matters is if people will remember your songs over years. And something tells me that people are gon play “The Somebody-ish Nobody” not only today or tomorrow but even 10 or 20 years from now. Without a doubt this mixtape is a point-of-no-return in YFame’s career.
So who’s YFame? A Nobody or a Somebody? If you asked me I’d say, “He’s nobody to Nobodies; and thee Somebody to Somebodies. Real recognize real… nah mean?”
Shout out to everyone who contributed to the project: Apollo The Great, Floco Torres, Haiti Da Poet, P.M., Traxx Trigga, Dewinwade, JSmooth, The Incredible Stro, MUTE, Philly The Boss & the whole WondaMuzik Fam
Monday, November 1, 2010
The moment I heard Young Scolla’s music for the very first time I thought that I couldn’t have been impressed more but every time Sco drops a new mixtape or single he proves me wrong again & again. This artist manages to master his game & bring something new to the table w/ every new project.
“Built For More: The Journey To Tears & Triumphs” is not your average mixtape. It’s an unforgettable experience of getting in touch w/ your biggest dreams & fears… an experience of getting in touch w/ a believer that lives within every one of us... or maybe even w/ the real you. As gifted writer Scolla turns a feeling into a story that is so fresh & so your own at the same time. It’s the kind of experience that feeds not only your soul but also your mind… the kind of experience that influences & inspires to be the best that you can be.
Having teamed up w/ the best of the best Young Scolla created such a perfect & unique vibe. This vibe is so Hip-Hop & so soulful that you just can’t get enough of it.
Without a doubt “Built For More: The Journey To Tears & Triumphs” is the journey you don’t wanna miss so catch up w/ Sco & his “Built For More” movement.
Thursday, September 23, 2010

These days a lot of people call themselves “artists” but how many of them can say, “I am music & music is me”? Yung Juggz is definitely the one who can say that. Having started his journey in the world of music at pretty young age Juggz has already achieved a lot. Taking over only one field ain’t enough for him & that’s why he became an accomplished emcee, singer, musician & songwriter. A multiple threat, Juggzy mixed different lanes & different styles to give the world the kind of music that has never existed before. Whether it’s Hip-Hop, R&B or Reggae Yung Juggz always adds something so unique that having heard his music once you’ll become a fan forever. An authentic & unique vibe mixed w/ a "real talk" message is what his music is known for. 
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Every time Apollo The Great touches the mic it’s a straight murda. This time Apollo is killing J. Cole’s “Blow Up”. I always anticipate Apollo jumping on somebody’s track cuz this cat knows how to make you forget that it’s just another version. There’s only one version. Apollo The Great version. And he ain’t lying. He IS about to blow up… Check out the song & don’t forget to visit I don’t know if y’all are ready for this but Apollo is taking over the game…

Apollo- Blow Up (Freestyle) by WondaMuzik
Hip-Hop… different people put different meaning into this word. To some people it might be music or culture, to others – best friend who’s always there for ya, way of living or even just a job… but if you look at a bigger picture you’ll see that Hip-Hop is nothing but a sign. A sign that nothing is impossible. A sign that you can get from nothing to something. A sign that good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who go ‘n’ get ‘em. A sign that the truth can survive everything & live forever cuz it’s immortal. A sign that we all are destined to be great but only those who work hard & stay true to themselves reach the top.
Hip-Hop gave us millions of signs through out its history. Sometimes those signs remained unheard at first but real classic songs became classics not only cuz they used to be hits but first off cuz they had the power to make a difference. And even tho’ the message was lost in time it reached people & finally made the difference that it was destined to make. Unlike any other culture Hip-Hop is the force that impacted the world tremendously having given the voice to the illest poets & masters of the word who managed to touch so many hearts & to give birth to a new nation… Hip-Hop nation… a nation of passionate dreamers & real achievers.
Long time ago Hip-Hop became our best friend… the one we can holla at when we’re going through something good or something bad… the one who never fails us. And every time you feel like saying “Lord, give me a sign!” you just gotta open up your heart and be ready to hear the answer… the message… the higher calling
Check out & enjoy “Gimme A Sign” vid by Detroit’s finest Young Scolla Ft. Boaz & S.Money.

Monday, September 13, 2010

In my death, people will understand what I was talking about. – Tupac Shakur

During the history of Hip-Hop a lot of artists grabbed the mic… some of them came & gone; some of them left an irreplaceable mark and stayed in the game forever. 14 years ago on this very day Tupac Amaru Shakur’s heart stopped beating. 
Rebel of the underground… if there’s one word to describe Pac then the word is “genuineness”. One of the truest artists who have ever touched the mic, he ain’t never been afraid to be himself. Hip-Hop became not only his own reflection but also the reflection of the whole generation, of every ghetto boy & girl, of everyone who been thru’ struggles & survived, of everyone who knows how to win having lost, of everyone who knows the true meaning of T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. Son of Black Panthers & the streets… intellectual thug… Tupac Sharuk never bit his tongue & spitted nothing but reality. His songs became real confessions of a “rose that grew from concrete” & even tho’ the society wasn’t ready to hear the truth Pac never stopped doing his thing cuz that was the only way of living for him.
Machiavelli never followed trends, he chose eternal over temporary instead. A lot of people might call him contradictory but he simply wasn’t scared to be real. His every song has raw emotion/soul to it. “Before I write I let my mind go blind and let the Lord do His thing”. And if you let ya heart do the listening you’ll hear universal messages in Pac’s songs. He never preached & said/did some mad stuff a lot of times but all the mess he been thru helped him to see further than most people could. He told stories that were based on his own experience but at the same time when you listen to those songs you got the feeling like “this is my story”.
    “If we're all saying that rap is an art form then we gotta be more responsible for our lyrics. If you see everybody dying because of what you're saying, it don't matter that you didn't make them die, it just matters that you didn't save them.” And without a doubt Tupac’s lyrics impacted a lot of people & their lives. Pac’s influence is undeniable. He managed to become a lot more than just a Hip-Hop icon; he’s inspired millions of people all over the world and he still does. He was the definition of Ride Or Die; he lived by his beliefs & every minute of his life he was ready to die for those beliefs. “Never surrender, it's all about the faith you got don't ever stop, just push it til you hit the top and if you drop, at least you know you gave your all be true to you, and that way you can never fall.” Tupac became a lot more than just an icon, role model… he was a true leader who showed the whole world that “reality is wrong; dreams are for real” and no one but us can turn our dreams into a better reality.
It’s been 14 years since he passed away but today Tupac Amaru Shakur is still one of the most influential Hip-Hop artists of all times. 
There are lots of lessons taught by Pac but the most essential one… at least for young emcees & for the whole Hip-Hop community… is treat ya new song like it’s ya last song cuz another day ain’t guaranteed. Artists’ attitude is supposta be like “if I die tomorrow, will I be proud of my legacy? Did I give the world a piece of my heart through the songs I recorded?” Cuz at the end of the day no one will remember how many records you sold, how many Grammy’s you won, how many times you were on the cover of this or that magazine, how much money you made… it’s the feeling ya music gives that will be remembered forever.
“A coward dies a thousand deaths... a soldier dies but once”… but the truth never dies and Tupac is gon live forever thru his legacy. His music has already raised a generation & I’m sure that it will inspire people even in 20 or 50 years. And that’s why today I don’t feel like saying “R.I.P.”… just “Long live Tupac’s soul!”

In the beginning Hip-Hop was more about unity… less beefs more cyphers. A lot of Hip-Hop acts were represented as Hip-Hop groups such as Public Enemy, Run D.M.C., N.W.A., Wu-Tang Clan, Funky Four Plus One More and many others. Those groups represented Hip-Hop in its essence, its diversity & versatility. Every group member was a star in his/her own right but when they came all together the illest magic happened. Even tho’ those days are over, there are still some people who know how to bring that magic to life. Flamez, Neme, Zin O.D. and Exile the Experience are the stars of the Orlando based Hip-Hop group named Prolific.
Check out the interview w/ Neme of Prolific & download their latest mixtape “Now Or Never” in case you haven’t heard it yet. The mixtape is definitely a must have.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

      They say, “Real recognize real” & w/o a doubt that’s the formula of Rockstar Society. This group of young talented hip-hop individuals from Queens, NY represents the best of the best in the game. Creativity, mad talent, true love for music & hip-hop culture… Rockstar Society members ain’t chasing fame cuz they are on the way to greatness & instead of creating hits they creating classic material gradually taking over the game & turning RSNY Films, RSNY Music Group & RSNY Mag into certified quality mark.

On July 30th, Rockstar Society launched a series called “Welcome to the Society” to let the world witness their journey from the bottom to the top on the way to the glory road. Check out the episodes & get familiar w/ The Heartbreak Kid, Yung Juggz, G-Swagger, Fly Guy Nyks, Drugzzy, Rockstar R3MX, HStyler and others aka the stars who’ll rock your world.

For more RockStar Society click here
Friday, August 27, 2010

            “Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men…” but hip-hop managed to take freedom to another level… to the level where only sky is the limit. And New Jerz own Haiti Da Poet decided to test this “limit” w/ his latest mixtape “Songs of Freedom”. Haiti had already raised the bar really high before the mixtape was even released so the expectations were really high. But the young artist surpassed all expectations & brought his listeners something beyond great. “Songs Of Freedom” is a killer from each and every possible p.o.v. The mixtape blows your mind right from the start. And every next song you listen to lets you know how official his game is in terms of lyricism, flow, production & energy. "Music is life changing" says the artist & proves it w/ every song he makes. Being an ill lyricist and a true artist Haiti Da Poet tried his pen in every subgenre of Hip-Hop, R&B & Reggaeton bringing something new to the table each and every time. For this mixtape Haiti teamed up w/ New Jerz finest artists & producers like Verb Spielberg, Apollo The Great, Fasha El Probo, Greeph, YFame, Jimmy Newtrone, Elz and many more having created a piece of work that is gon be considered a milestone in the history of music one day. This mixtape is something your mind & soul have been fiening for for a long time… don’t miss the chance to experience the “Songs Of Freedom”.

Download  "Songs Of Freedom" here 

Friday, August 6, 2010
In hip-hop there's no such thing as being last cuz your only option is to be number one.

I remember the day I saw Apollo The Great in action for the very first time. It was ‘bout a year ago… in Oct '09 right after his Desert Storm Showcase. I listened to a few songs and the first thing that came to my mind was “What the hell them other cats were doing there? Messin’ w/ this guy is kinda suicidal”

Well, I guess I was kinda wrong cuz if messing w/ Apollo in 2009 was suicidal then what about now? During this year Apollo The Great stepped up his game to the level where sayin’ “I'm number one” ain’t being cocky, it's simply a fact that no one can deny. 

Check out Apollo's latest vid and enjoy the greatness of New Jerz hip-hop cuz C.M.D. is in the building!

For more Apollo The Great visit 

Saturday, June 26, 2010
            1970’s… somewhere in the Bronx a “ghetto secret” was born. In the beginning the whole movement was all about the East Coast. Philly, New Jerz & of course NYC originated everything that's considered to be “Classic Hip-Hop” today. It doesn't matter what part of the country you rep cuz I bet that there's at least one East Coast “Golden Boy” on your list of Top 10 MCs. It's almost impossible to overestimate East Coast's impact on the culture. New York  ruled the game for decades establishing traditions & canons of the culture being the “East Coast” in the rap game for a long time. 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s & even early 2000’s… everyday a star was born. “Five boroughs” gave the world the biggest stars in the history of Hip-Hop. But as time passed the situation changed & the East Coast started losing the “boss status” due to all the tribulations, inner rivalry, commercialization and some other processes. All of a sudden the great past became less than enough to be the ruler… A lot of people claim that the East Coast ain’t as influential as it used to be. Well, if you turn on TV or the radio you'll hear the same voices you heard a few years ago. The “new blood” ain’t making noise like it's supposta & the “veterans” don't always keep up w/ the game. But does it mean that “the great past” has no “future”? Or maybe Hip-Hop is simply cooking a new “ghetto secret”… a “secret” that went underground to make the illest comeback & shake the whole world again? I'd been asking myself this question for a few years till the day when I ran into a stranger who looked so brand new & so familiar at the same time & that stranger was none other than New Jerz Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop's finest traditions mixed w/ honesty, free rebellious spirit, true love for the culture, mad talent, innovation, and hunger for greatness, success & recognition… “Don't talk about it, be about it” is the formula of New Jerz Hip-Hop. If 1970’s can be considered as the date of birth of Hip-Hop then late 2000’s be the Resurrection… the Resurrection of the East Coast Hip-Hop in its purest essence cuz while the industry is just getting ready for the next level NJ artists & producers like Verb Spielberg, Apollo The Great, YFame, O-Skeez, Floco Torres, VeloCitY, Haiti Da Poet, SneakerBox Chock, Greeph, Doochie Bass, Money Carsin, Prince Of Da Piff, ILL Gates, Eddro, Traxx Trigga, White Mike, Shizz Beats and many others already play the game on that level raising the bar not only for the East Coast but for the whole Hip-Hop community. Good ol’ Hip-Hop w/ absolutely new & sometimes even unexpected flavor is the bomb that's about to explode & put the new capital of Hip-Hop on the map. 

*Writing the illest bars even in his sleep*

The rap game is a game that never stops. It's a 24/7 competition where even the sky ain’t the limit & perfectionism is the driving force that gives birth to the illest Hip-Hop legends. The moment one thinks that he is the King of the game & decides to rest on his laurels, a new cat comes to the game & takes over the crown bringing to the table something absolutely unhearda. The rap game is prolly the only game where only one moment separates a rookie from a legend…   

A few days ago Camden's very own Apollo The Great dropped his debut vid “Call it quits” a message for those who take Hip-Hop as a joke clowning on BET, MTV & the radio cuz Apollo is about to remind the whole world what Hip-Hop is all about…

And visit to witness how a “rookie turning into a legend” takes over the game

Friday, June 11, 2010
          When do you know that an artist is outstanding? If I was asked this question I would say, when his music can talk to my heart in such unknown but still so familiar “language”. And most definitely Young Solomon is one of those artists whose music & voice can do something amazingly crazy to your soul. New School artist w/ Old School soul, he carries on his family’s legacy with such a grace bringing R&B to another level. Being driven by true love for music, Solomon has mad work ethic & never stops perfecting his craft. His every performance takes you on a journey to another world… the world created by the soulfulness & honesty of his voice. Incredible vocalist, performer, songwriter, actor… without a doubt Young Solomon is one of thee most promising R&B artists of our time.
Monday, June 7, 2010
          Y’all know the official elements of Hip-Hop culture… but to me “dreaming” has always been the most official one since in the beginning it was all a dream… a beautiful yet wild dream that became reality despite all the hate, criticism & obstacles. Hip-Hop nation is a nation of dreamers whose self-belief changed world’s understanding of what’s possible & what’s not. 

Carrying on this tradition D~Y introduces to the world her first but already classic mixtape called “DreamPusher”. No matter how much of a skeptic/non-dreamer you are, this mixtape will touch your soul in so many different ways. Even tho’ it’s D~Y’s very first mixtape this girl ain’t no rookie. It’s safe to call her a true veteran cuz she reps Hip-Hop to the fullest. Her unique style lies somewhere in between “Old School” & “New School”; instead of following trends Dynasty sets them. And “DreamPusher” is the best proof. The mixtape breaks all the stereotypes & lets the world know that females got their own story to tell. Soulful yet sick flow, incredibly deep lyrics, genuine & charismatic personality are among the things D~Y brings to the table. But what makes this mixtape really special is mad support from male artists, producers, DJs, etc… cuz eventually we’ve got “her truth”, “his truth” and “thee truth”, which is “DreamPusher”. So who said that your yesterday’s mad dream can’t become your tomorrow’s reality? “...pushin' til the air is no longer within my lungs... cuz the one who keeps it movin' is the one who overcomes” 

DOWNLOAD "DreamPusher" HERE 


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

         What happens when ill talent goes hand in hand w/ unique vision? Well, the answer is easy… take a look at O-Skeez. This young artist is something this game ain’t never seen. Without a doubt “unique” is thee word to describe this emcee. No matter what it is he does it his own way bringing to the table something outstanding…

Monday, May 17, 2010

    Hip-Hop… Essence… Realness… There are the words that come into my mind every time I listen to Dynasty's music. This girl is thee definition of a “femcee”. Her music is a perfect combination of the best Hip-Hop traditions w/ something that the world has never witnessed before. And while most artists are trying to drop a hit, D~Y gives the world one classic song after another… 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Despite the fact that Detroit Indie Hip-Hop scene is probably the most underrated one, without a doubt it has its own unique flavor & a galaxy of truest stars. One of those stars is an up-and-coming emcee Prophecy. Being the self-proclaimed "voice of the streets", every time he grabs the mic he tells another side of the story… the true story of a real g… the story of the one who comes to the game to change it. After several years of being lost between his love & his passion (Hip-Hop & basketball), Prophecy finally chose music & he ain't gonna stop till he reaches the top.

Artist's latest album “Hidden Chapters” is another confession of the streets. Being a student of school & the street, Prophecy managed to mix these two “worlds” & created something that everyone can relate to… of course if they know what "hustle by any means" is all about. This album is a story of one man's glory & his way to the top through all the blessings & tribulations that life can bring.

Mad lyrical game, substance & delivery that touches your heart be something that makes every song on the album so special that you just wanna play it again & again.

For more Prophecy check out his twitter, myspace & official website

Friday, April 30, 2010

If you live anywhere near N.Y.C. come & show some B-Day love to one of the hottest East Coast artists,
Yung Juggz, during his B-day party. RockStar Society is in da building! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

“Man doesn't simply exist, but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become in the next moment” ~ Viktor Frankl 
Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hip-Hop community has always been a secret society w/ its own code. But ever since the culture stopped being a ghetto secret, a lot of “laws” have been questioned. Eventually, today we've got lots of controversy in the game. Without a doubt ghostwriting is one of the most controversial phenomena. Discussing this issue has been like some kind of taboo for years. A lot of people still argue if ghostwriting is a positive or negative phenomenon in Hip-Hop.

First off, there are two totally different “types” of ghostwriting. The history of Hip-Hop knows lots of cases when a successful artist ghostwrote songs for others, either to prove his lyrical skills or to express himself differently participating in “unique” projects. Emcees like Nas, Jadakiss, The Game, Jay-Z, Mase, Smitty, T.I., The D.O.C., Royce Da 5’9” & many others ghostwrote “a song or two” in their careers. This kind of “collabo” can also be a great way for up-and-coming artists to become well connected & well respected inside of the industry, since sometimes the rap game is more about who you know than who you are & being supported by heavyweights can play a huge role in artist’s career.

But every medal has its reverse & the music industry often creates a mirage. It takes a person w/ certain “star qualities” like marketable face & personality, nice delivery and creates a “star” when in reality that “artist” has nothing to do w/ emceeing.

This “Poet vs. Entertainer” issue is exactly what bothers Hip-Hop community so much. Hip-Hop culture… and rap music in particular is a lot more than just entertainment. Emcees have always been ghetto poets, people who could make a difference using the power of the spoken word. Emceeing is all about being a multitalented player… real MVP. You can't be just a good performer or just a good lyricist or just a “natural-born star”. Nah, it's not the case. The rap game is a survival of the illest. Only chosen ones came to the game, changed it & stayed there forever. 

So who's a ghostwriter? Is he a friend or a foe? At this moment, ghostwriters indisputably are the warriors of the invisible front called lyricism. The rap game doesn't recognize being #2; it has no mercy for everything fake. That's why rappers come & go but emcees stay forever and ghostwriting is just a new level of the game called ”Hip-Hop Vs. The Industry”. I bet y'all already know who's gonna win…

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Making history is not about being “big” at a certain point in time; it's about making a difference that will live through decades & centuries. And this is exactly what Apollo The Great managed to do w/ his latest mixtape “H.I.M. (History Is Made)”. Being a “rap clone” ain't an option for him, that's why Apollo invented his own Hip-Hop flavor & w/ every new mixtape/album this flavor gets only better. Spitting nothing but realness, Apollo The Great is definitely one of the best storytellers in the rap game. He always reflects life through the lenses of Hip-Hop culture & turns every song into a real anthem for those who know what life is all about. 

“History Is Made” is a new chapter in the history of Hip-Hop culture told by the young emcee. It's one of those projects that represent Hip-Hop in its essence. When was the last time you had a chance to listen to a mixtape packed w/ songs that could make your soul shiver?

It's Apollo THEE Great, mothafakas, & history is made cuz Hip-Hop is more alive than ever & it ain’t going nowhere!

Download "H.I.M. 2" here 
Saturday, April 3, 2010

The rap game is known for having no rules. There's no formula of success & longevity in Hip-Hop. There’s only one direction that is a must-follow: “Be yourself & do you”. W/ every new step you take you gotta be “transitioning from fitting in to standing out” & this is exactly what an up-and-coming artist from Huston, Joose Castone, is proving w/ his latest mixtape called “Standing Out”. This mixtape shows to advantage Joose’s style which is a perfect mixture of mean Southern swag & mad rapping skills. On this project J. Castone strips down to his soul & gets really personal almost on every track. Lyrical content of the mixtape won't leave anyone cold cuz its concept is something everyone can relate to… at least if you know what “being a work in progress” means.

The strongest joints on the mixtape are “Standin’ Out”, “Bulletproof Mimix”, “Aaron Out”, “I Want It (I'm On)”, “Slow”, & “Errands”

Joose Castone… remember the name cuz this artist is ready to take over the game. 

Download HERE

For more check out blogger, twitter & myspace

Monday, March 29, 2010
“You can spot us out of town by the way that we walk, the way that we talk, cocky the state of New York” ~ Diddy

New York City is known for being home of a lot of mad talented emcees & RockStar Society‘s own G-Swagger is definitely one of them. This artist managed to combine everything you'd expect from an NY emcee w/ his charismatic individuality & to bring something brand new to the East Coast Hip-Hop scene. Queens representative, G-Swagg has been rapping ever since he was 12. Even tho’ he started taking music seriously only in ’06 – ’07, G-Swagg’s sick flow has already gained him respect & recognition within Hip-Hop community. G-Swagger is a known perfectionist. He always shows what he can really really do w/ every move he makes. His goal is to live forever through his accomplishments, to make history & G-Swagger is definitely the cat to do it. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

        Heartbreak is one of those things that can make you or break you & you're the only one who decides what it's gonna be. Floco Torres has already made up his mind & turned it into a win/win situation. His "The Anti Valentines Day Color Is STILL Green" mixtape is a reflection a raw emotion which is something that music lacks so much these days. This project is a sequel to “The Anti Valentines Day Color” & without a doubt it shows artist's immense growth. What can you expect from this mixtape? As usual… nothing but uniqueness & genuineness cuz these are the words to describe Floco’s music. Floco always manages to create a new reality through his music. This time he brings us a confession of a broken heart. Do you really think that you've already heard everything about it? Well, then this mixtape will prove you wrong cuz it's definitely a one-of-a-kind project. Floco’s lyrical versatility combined w/ incredible energy & undeniable charisma makes "The Anti Valentines Day Color Is STILL Green" a must-have-mixtape.

Download "The Anti Valentines Day Color Is STILL Green" HERE

For more Floco Torres check out his myspace, twitter & official website 

Sunday, March 14, 2010
          Hip-Hop culture has been hated on since the day one. Critics don't stop talking about its death & lack of potential. I must say that every time I turn on the radio I kinda feel like believing them… but when I come across true artist who make that really real music I can clearly see the future of Hip-Hop which is nothing but greatness. 
Monday, March 1, 2010
      They say that the new generation is totally lost… that the new school artists have nothing new to bring to the table… I bet they've never met that one kid… the Kid On The Bus… Who is he? He's no one & everyone; he's the spirit that keeps hip-hop alive… And this time he invites you to take a ride w/ one of the most promising hip-hop artists of our time...

YFame's latest mixtape “Kid On The Bus” is a journey of a young individual who's looking for the place where he belongs in this world. Every song is a new step that he takes on his way “home”… a new lesson he has to learn. He goes through a lot of up & downs on his way cuz unfortunately we always learn the most essential lessons the hard way. 

Deep lyrical content combined w/ amazing production turns this mixtape into a real masterpiece. YFame is a known lyricist & storyteller but this time he surpassed himself. “Kid On The Bus” is definitely Fame's best work so far. This is a mirror where everyone can see his/her own reflection. 

What's the last stop of the bus? It's something you have yet to find out…. So are you ready for the ride?

Download here
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I remember the very first time I heard the name “Apollo The Great”… I was like, “Either this cat is that cocky or he’s that good”… but when I heard “History In the Making” I had no doubt… Apollo is simply that great! Lyrically gifted individual w/ unbelievably deep understanding of what hip-hop really is… Apollo The Great is the artist to look up to. If he doesn’t make it in the rap game then I don't know a thing about hip-hop.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Reality is merely an illusion... ~ Albert Einstein

One of those things I love so much about Scolla’s music is that he always takes you on a trip to another world… the world that makes you experience déjà vu cuz even tho’ Sco talks about his own life experience somehow he makes you feel like saying, “Yeah! I’ve been there too! That’s my story!”. This time Detroit’s finest Young Scolla decided to take a walk on the edge between a dream & reality. Are we always cool w/ our “reality”? Have you ever wanted to escape it… to run away to a better one? I bet everyone has felt this way once or twice in his/her life. “Escaping reality” is a philosophic journey of a soul that is looking for some peace & harmony in this crazy world. This soul goes through a "series of metamorphoses" before it finally realizes that only one step separates your dreams from your reality & you’re the only one who defines what your reality is.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

What does it take for an indie hip-hop artist to win? When the majority of unsigned people be looking for a deal w/ a major record label, true artists enjoy their freedom & get creative. The Internet has already become #1 promo platform & it's one of the best creativity tests for artists and/or their team since there are no limits to self-expression.

Check out the official Pilot Episode for USR (United Street Regime) TV & get familiar w/ the hottest artists from Detroit: Young Scolla, K-Bunz, Jay-Cro & others.

To be continued…
Monday, February 1, 2010
Some people were born to follow; some people were born to lead. Verb Spielberg was born to make a difference & change the game. When other rap cats talk their talk, Verb Spielberg walks his walk and lets his actions speak for themselves. Mad talent that sends chills down your spine mixed w/ deep inner world makes Verb Spielberg one of the most outstanding artists in the rap game.
Monday, January 18, 2010

          One of the characteristic features of Hip-hop is absence of rules & boundaries. That's why Hip-hop never stops to amaze people. The moment you think you figured it out, it shows you an unexplored side of it. You thought that it was all about “Me, me, me!”? Well, the latest mixtape by SMKA called “The 808 Experiment Vol.2” is out to change your mind. This mixtape is a collaboration of more than 30 gifted individuals & even tho’ every artist is a star in his/her own right, they don’t even try to outshine one another. “The 808 Experiment Vol.2” is a musical collage of different individual styles… a collage that represents Hip-hop's essence – diversity. It doesn’t matter what sub-genre of hip-hop you prefer cuz this is the project where everyone can find a song that reps his/her inner world to the fullest.

 Download “The 808 ExperimentVol.2” (for free) here
For more SMKA check out their myspace, twitter, & official page.

<a href="">"What It Seems" - Young Scolla by SMKA</a>

<a href="">"Let Me Go" - Brittany Street by SMKA</a>

<a href="">"Spotlight" - Tom P by SMKA</a>

<a href="">"Aine Given Up" - Pill ft. Young Scolla by SMKA</a>

<a href="">"P.O.N" - Nappy Roots by SMKA</a>

Spotted at "Scolla's Word" 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

          Even though the majority of people think that the rap game is for youngins, I believe that “30 something” is the most interesting stage of any artist's career cuz on the one hand an artist is still young & ain’t afraid to make some crazy/revolutionary moves, but on the other hand this artist has already walked “a few miles” and you can see if this is a "sprinter" or a "long-distance runner". But what really excites me is finding a youngin who has that raw talent & dedication to make a difference in this game… someone who makes you think, “Damn! This cat might be a long-distance runner!” One of this diamonds-in-the-rough is up-and-coming emcee/producer/writer ALPH-A-BIT from L.A. "My main goal in music is to open people eyes to something different. Something that hasn't been in the game for a long time. I want to let people know who I am as a rapper, producer and an artist as a whole" ~ ALPH-A-BIT. Get familiar w/ his music & feel free to visit his myspace & twitter pages.

Download "The Music" by ALPH-A-BIT here

Thursday, January 7, 2010
         During the last years a lot of people have been talking about hip-hop's death. And today more and more people start believing this “Hip-hop is dead” campaign. So is that right? Did we let this happen? If yes, then who killed it? Who's the one to blame?

First off, what's hip-hop culture? What do we mean by “hip-hop is alive” & “hip-hop is dead”? If we had a time machine, we could go back to 1970s and see the roots of the culture: the block parties & on-the-corner performances, people who spoke their minds cuz hip-hop was their only way to escape the rough reality of the ghetto. Hip-hop was that special place in the universe that you could call home; place where you could reach the craziest dreams and be safe & sound. Hip-hop was a ghetto secret… a secret code young hip-hop nation lived by. And now, let's go back to 2010. Has anything changed? Has HIP-HOP changed? …to be more exact. Nah, it’s still the same. The only problem is that people are looking for it in all the wrong places. Who told y'all to look for hip-hop in the music industry? The word “industry” can’t have anything to do w/ hip-hop cuz hip-hop is art and art can’t be a manufactured product. Any industry works according a certain scheme making its product, but is there any scheme one can use in order to create an art masterpiece? Na-a-aaah! Every masterpiece is unique, it’s something unseen or unhearda. So how come fans are looking for hip-hop watching MTV, BET or listening to the radio? The industry clones each & every successful move and turns it into a joke. 

If you take a look at the greatest artists’ life-stories (and I’m talking about the greatest artists of all times… not only ‘bout hip-hop people), you'll see that the greatest of the greatest lived underground life. They all struggled for a right to express themselves. They became recognized, famous, & successful posthumously. So why do people consider their artworks to be masterpieces? What makes their heritage so special? The feeling. The universal, real feeling their works carried through centuries. They were the people who hit the bottom & their only option was to succeed. But since they lived in a “caste society”, they created another reality … they lived art. The same goes for hip-hop. Do you remember DMX's “To live is to suffer, but to survive, well, that's to find meaning in the suffering”? Real hip-hop cats didn’t talk about “money, cash, hoes”; they dug a lot deeper. They were rebels without pause. Their each step made a difference. And then big money came & killed artists’ longevity.  Usually an artist's first album is raw and dope, but after a few albums all this artist has to say is “money, cash, hoes”. But is it hip-hop? Nah! It has no feeling in it. It ain’t art anymore. 

So is hip-hop dead? Nope. It’s still alive. Then where is it? Right where it’s supposed to be … it’s rocking its underground mic. From the p.o.v. of culturology, one of the main features of art is “elitism”. Pure art is supposed to be understood by a few, not by mass. Perception of art requires special training. So if they failed Prof. G.O.D.’s & Prof. Life’s classes, they ain’t ready for hip-hop realness. This form of art is only for the members of elite society called hip-hop nation… society of people who don’t simply bob their heads to a hot beat… they dig hip-hop on a deeper level. Their heart can create a beat of its own, cuz hip-hop runs through their veins. Hip-hop is the truth & the truth is immortal. And just because the mass doesn’t see the underground movement that carries on tradition, it doesn’t mean that hip-hop is dead. Who's dying then? The music industry. Should we be sad about it? Nah, cuz the moment it dies, underground movement will come out of the industry's shadow. This is a take ova; no Jay Hova….

                Even tho’ there are lots of different ways to promote an artist, it seems that the music industry still has no clue about it, especially when it comes to female emcees. Unfortunately, every lady who wants to be an emcee has only two ways to the top of the game. She uses either “sexy” image or smart yet feminine, tomboyish image. But since the “sexy” image is the easiest way to reach “success”, the majority of females chooses it. I remember one of No I.D.’s interviews where he criticized Drake for being a heartthrob. He said that using that kind of image was a dangerous game. At the same time he says that a chick has to rhyme about a d*ck in order to make it in this game. Well, the first part is understandable, but the second one … I don’t think so. This is exactly what destroys the reputation of female rap. There have been hundreds of female rappers in the history of hip-hop. Some of them had their temporary buzz & were gone in a minute; some of them became legendary artists. So what's the difference between an outstanding femcee and a one freak hit wonder? What do emcees like Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Sha Rock, Missy Elliott, Eve, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Jean Grae, Mae Day, & Dynasty have in common besides substance & deep lyrics? They all brought something new/special to the game. They ain’t afraid to be themselves & represent their beliefs.

Now lemme add one more outstanding femcee to the list. Her name is RaTheMC & she reps D.M.V. According to Ra, a female emcee has to be much more than a rapper to succeed in the rap game & Ra has a lot to bring to the table being emcee/ singer/ song writer/ photographer/ fashion consultant & having undeniable charisma. Rashea ain’t concentrating on the “gender” problem & simply tries to establish herself as an emcee respected by both camps (male & female). Her goal is to change the way female emcees are viewed in the industry, to be treated as equal. In Ra's book, emcee is supposed to be a good storyteller and she is definitely good at it. Her songs have both, storyline & very special vibe created by her charisma, flow and vocals. On top of that RaTheMC has her own style/image: she doesn’t accept trends, she creates trends of her own.

Download “Trending topics” (for free) here 

Download “Are You Not Entertained” (for free) here 

Download “A Mixtape About Something, I think” (for free) here 

For more RaTheMC check her myspace, twitter & blog

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