Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Hip-Hop… it’s prolly one of the most controversial phenomena. People love it; people hate it. Everyone knows the word but still no one can say what exactly it is. There are lots of definitions & everyone goes with their own. Some say that Hip-Hop is a culture, a movement, a music style, an art form, a lifestyle but most of all Hip-Hop is a mindset… I would even say “a soul-set”… cuz Hip-Hop is not just a form but substance… Cupid’s arrow that shoots you right through your heart & leaves a mark that never goes away… Hip-Hop is everything & nothing; it’s everywhere & nowhere. And even tho’ there’s a common opinion that Hip-Hop is restricted to its four main elements: Emceeing, Break Dancing, Graffiti & DJing; this phenomenon is much bigger than just that. Hip-Hop is self-expression of an individual who reflects the whole world in a piece of art… it’s so common & so unique… so brand new & so familiar… so revolutionary & so classic. It’s a voice that says things others might be afraid to say… a rebel who breaks the rules to make a difference & change the world… voice that says “I am” but means “We are”. It’s a spirit that knows no boundaries… spirit that lives through prose & rhymes, melodies & beats, paintings, moves... It doesn’t matter what exactly you are doing or how you express yaself; as long as you do it in unison w/ the spirit of Hip-Hop you are Hip-Hop… 

Now lemme introduce to y’all a young princess of Hip-Hop canvas, up-and-coming artist, Vanessa Cabarloc. When the illest lyricists create metaphors w/ the help of words, this girl paints them saying things that can’t be put into words but nevertheless can’t remain unsaid. A lot of things can be said about Vanessa’s art but Imma let it speak for itself. Welcome to the world of Vanessa Cabarloc…  
Friday, November 5, 2010

They say, life is what chu make it. But how can you make it when you're a Nobody surrounded by Somebodies… or maybe you’re just a Somebody surrounded by a bunch of Nobodies? What if you are a Nobody who’s destined to be a Somebody… or maybe even thee Somebody? That’s something people ask themselves at a certain point in their lives. The wrong answer to those questions can break you but the right answer can make you… make you all that you can be & even more.
Ya favorite one-man-band-man YFame once again blesses the world dropping a mixtape called “The Somebody-ish Nobody”. W/ his previous projects Fame has already proved that he’s something the world has never seen or heard. YFame’s unique & authentic style always influences his music in every possible way both musically & lyrically. But this time he took that “style” to a whole 'nother level. Fame’s lyrical game is off the chain… every verse is so well written that it makes real hard to believe that he’s only an up-and-coming artist. While some other cats are down for whatever to be under the spotlight YFame walks his own walk staying authentic & never questioning the artist that he is. I don’t care how many records you sold… what really matters is if people will remember your songs over years. And something tells me that people are gon play “The Somebody-ish Nobody” not only today or tomorrow but even 10 or 20 years from now. Without a doubt this mixtape is a point-of-no-return in YFame’s career.
So who’s YFame? A Nobody or a Somebody? If you asked me I’d say, “He’s nobody to Nobodies; and thee Somebody to Somebodies. Real recognize real… nah mean?”
Shout out to everyone who contributed to the project: Apollo The Great, Floco Torres, Haiti Da Poet, P.M., Traxx Trigga, Dewinwade, JSmooth, The Incredible Stro, MUTE, Philly The Boss & the whole WondaMuzik Fam
Monday, November 1, 2010
The moment I heard Young Scolla’s music for the very first time I thought that I couldn’t have been impressed more but every time Sco drops a new mixtape or single he proves me wrong again & again. This artist manages to master his game & bring something new to the table w/ every new project.
“Built For More: The Journey To Tears & Triumphs” is not your average mixtape. It’s an unforgettable experience of getting in touch w/ your biggest dreams & fears… an experience of getting in touch w/ a believer that lives within every one of us... or maybe even w/ the real you. As gifted writer Scolla turns a feeling into a story that is so fresh & so your own at the same time. It’s the kind of experience that feeds not only your soul but also your mind… the kind of experience that influences & inspires to be the best that you can be.
Having teamed up w/ the best of the best Young Scolla created such a perfect & unique vibe. This vibe is so Hip-Hop & so soulful that you just can’t get enough of it.
Without a doubt “Built For More: The Journey To Tears & Triumphs” is the journey you don’t wanna miss so catch up w/ Sco & his “Built For More” movement.

I used 2 ♥ him

Common used to love H.E.R. & I used to love H.I.M. (Hip-hop Is My Muse) ... but true love never dies ... this is my L.O.V.E. S.T.O.R.Y.


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