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They say Hip-Hop is the voice of the youth… I say Hip-Hop is the voice of the truth. But ain’t nothing like an artist who can be both:  the voice of the youth & the voice of the truth.
Check out my interview w/ an up-and-coming New Jerz indie artist Cos…

Q: Let’s imagine that a person has never heard of Cos… Introduce yourself to those who don’t know you.
Cos: The names Cos representing South Jersey. I'm 20 years old and a freshman to the music industry.
Hip-hop artist in the making brought to you by The Society Entertainment.
I live through my music, what you hear is what you see when it comes to me. I'm a fan before I'm a music artist so I'm always around music even when I'm not recording. Got a movement coming through The Society Ent. (TSE)  that's going to be making waves in this industry sooner than later.
Want to know more check out www.ThisTheWakeUp.Com

Q: What’s your background? Where do you come from?
Cos: Well I was born and raised in Queens, NY and moved to Vineland, NJ when I was 13 years old. Been living in South Jersey since. I had started out doing writing poems and people thought they were rhymes so the transition to music wasn't that hard as compared to others. This past summer I was headed to a minor league baseball contract but, elbow problems and a few uneventful situations came up, and now I'm here recording this good music for the people to tune into.

Q: Where did you get the name “Cos” from? What’s the meaning behind it?
Cos: Choosing my stage name was not as hard as I thought it would be. It just kind of came to me as soon as it was time to pick a name. Someone in high school use to call me Cos, short for Marcos, so I guess that’s where it originated from. No crazy story behind the name.

Q: How did you become involved in Hip-Hop?
Cos: Always been a big fan of hip-hop artist like Nas and Eminem. They had seemed to catch my attention the instant I listened to their music. From there on out it was just seeing what other artists were about and listening to more and more music. I used to write poetry and kept a journal so I always wrote about everyday life. What I thought was poetry sounded more like music to people. I started taking my music seriously back in August when E. (my manager) came to me with a plan and ever since things just took off.

Q: What do you love most about hip-hop & why?
Cos: Hip-Hop’s a special genre and just when fans want to pronounce it dead or not the same, it sparks back up giving you things to look forward too. Of course not all hip-hop artist are going to be the same or equally talented, but that’s what it is. Every artist brings something different to the table. Hip-hop is always evolving and will continue too, I just hope I'm part of that movement that brings it up to that level where it once was.

Q: What do you think makes you different as an artist?
What makes me different as an artist is pretty simple to be honest. Just being me when it's all said and done. Doing what I expect of myself, not what others expect from me. Many artists these days live a programmed lifestyle just to put out the “right image”. Being yourself makes you diverse enough since everyone has something about them that makes them different from the next person. People think that they don't have much to write about, but everyday is something to write about. Ice Cube made a classic about talking about one day in his shoes with "Today was A Good Day''. Originality will always sell, so it can’t be any easier than just being you at the end of the day. The frauds always get their cards pulled eventually.

Q: How would you describe your music? How would you define your style/genre?
Cos: I always just say my music is simple, everyday life and situations. Things I’m sure many of us go through but still not all of us have the way to express it and tell our story. My music’s most important recipe is honesty and keeping it real. If I didn’t live threw it you won’t hear it, and if I don’t have it I won’t claim it. The genre I would classify myself under as would be Hip-hop as previously stated. Wouldn't catch me singing emo songs with the auto-tune you know.

Q: What does Hip-Hop mean to you? Could you define “Hip-Hop” somehow?
Cos: Well I can say hip-hop’s a lifestyle you live. It’s a trend it’s forever changing, alternating and most importantly growing. Hip-hop is everything to me. It's the center of my music and growing up in New York you couldn't escape it. Hip-hop is in us all, even if it’s a small portion. Also, if people don't necessarily claim hip-hop as their premier genre of music, there is always a song or artist that they can relate a song too or a chorus that they know.

Q: What emcees influenced you as an artist?
Since my early days listening to music and growing up in NY my surroundings had a big role in introducing people like Nas, Jay-Z, DMX and Eminem. Then I started listening to local radio stations around the time Fabolous was buzzing big time. Still the one that I was most tuned into and grew on was Fabolous. His whole persona and how he carries himself as a lyricist, you have to appreciate it as an artist and equally as a fan.

Q: Today you’re performing life… How do you feel on stage? Do you like performing live?
Performing is definitely one of the best feelings knowing all eyes are on you. I still remember my first performance, I was nervous thinking of all the worst things that could happen, but as soon as I hit the stage it was just natural instinct . You always learn a lot about yourself on stage by watching footage of yourself after the show. I love performing live; the feeling knowing that everyone's eyes are on you is enough within itself. Once I'm on stage and the lights are on, I just start clicking on all cylinders and deliver a show that people like to see and would want to see in the future.

Q: Freestyling vs. songwriting… which one is your thing?
Cos: Songwriting hands down. It’s just much different when I’m sitting down listening to a beat, and taking my time putting my every thought into play. Now and then I mess around freestyle to something I hear over the radio while I’m driving which can help sometimes too. I personally feel that songwriting lets you organize your thoughts properly and really get your message across. Rather than freestyling, just spitting out random thoughts with no meaning or purpose. I'll still kill a quick sixteen if need be though.

Q: What Cos song is the most significant to you & why?
Cos: Which song is most significant to me? That’s a tough one because every track I do has a meaning and every line is more than just a line. It has to be between two new tracks of my latest project “Let Me Dream” or “Open Heart Surgery.” Both are very deep songs with insights of things I’m going through currently or in the past. Each song I write has a meaning and relates to a situation that people like me have come too or a situation that someone you know went through.

Q: Let's imagine that you could record a song w/ any artists… dead or alive… Who would that be? Name your dream team: a few artists & a producer. What kind of record would that be?
Cos: I would probably say a household name in Jersey. Would be nice to do a track with Joe Budden and Nas.  My dream team would just be a track with Jay-Z, Nas, Lil-Wayne, T.I. and myself. The record would be produced by Boi1da. The type of song would just be a go in track, just spit your best sixteen bars and see who got the hottest verse. There are a few others I would like to work with but this would be the cream of the crop for me personally.

Q: What do you like about being an indie artist?
Cos: Best thing about being an indie artist is just the advantage of being able to choose what type of records you want to drop. We have the overall decision of everything we want to do. Being on a major label has its perks, but you are told what type of songs your going to do and they have control over your image and all the business tied into it. Being an indie artist is freedom but has it downs like everything else in life. You need that distribution army that the majors provide but they sometimes ask you to change who you are for a dollar and that's not something I'm willing to do. My manager backs me up with my decisions and were going to choose which course is best for us to set sail on. It’s all about finding that right wave and riding it.

Q: How do you see the future of the rap game? What it’s gonna be in … maybe like 10 years?
The rap games seen better days but as of lately the worst is hopefully behind us. There’s a lot of talented young artist making their name known in the industry. With artist like Drake, J-Cole, Wale and B.O.B leading the way, bringing good music back to hip-hop. The rap game is on a big come up and like I stated previously, I hope I'm part of that movement bringing hip-hop to that elite level it once was.

Q: How do you see yourself in the rap game? What are your goals?
Cos: I would like to see myself reach the pinnacles of my dreams. Getting a deal with either an indie or major, whichever situation that gives us the most flexibility most importantly… main goal is to make it to the top but still remain the person I was during the grind. I just want my name mentioned with the greats when I'm all said and done for. I'm 20 years old and just started in this game, but my team and I feel like we have something really to offer to the table and the people all over the world. We all have different upbringings, but virtually have the same stories wherever you come from.

Q: What are your upcoming projects? I know that you’re working on a new mixtape right now. Tell us about it. What should we expect from it?
Well my latest project that I’m currently working on is my first solo mixtape with no features at all titled “Journal Of A Dreamer”. In this project, the fans and listeners will come to learn Cos on a more personal note. From the first track “I Been Dreaming” to songs like “Running Out of Time”, listeners will be able to step into my shoes and understand everything that comes with chasing a dream. Should be something to look forward too set to drop first thing this New Year (Jan. 1,2011).
Got a lot of good records but I don't want to spoil it, but I will have the  mixtape cover and track list up soon within the next few days for the people to checkout at

Q: Any shout outs?
Cos: First off want to thank you Gina for setting this up, I really appreciate it. I want to shout out ThisTheWakeUp.Com (my personal Website). Shout out to my manager E and web editor Noel. Shout outs to my engineer Bird, to Whiteout, T. Diz and the whole South Jersey. Also, some producers I received production from  such as Genius Boy, Kajmir Beats, Kustom Beatz and Ephrem , but again ThisTheWakeUp.Com – Cos

Special thanks to Cos for taking time out for this interview!
For more Cos check out his official website, facebook & twitter pages.

I used 2 ♥ him

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