Saturday, October 31, 2009

This time Imma let the music speak for itself.
Can u say "CLASSIC"?!!!

Even though major record labels run the music market, we still have many different independent labels. A lot of them come and go, but some were created for a special purpose: to change the game. What do u usually expect from an independent hip-hop label? Something u ain't ever seen/heard? Unique stile? Hunger? Realness? Incredible music? Interesting production & promotion? Breaking of the "rules"? Bye-bye to clich├ęs? Whatever your answer is, Wondamuzik is exactly what hip-hop scene has been missing. It has everything to become one the most influential hip-hop movements...ever!

The label was founded by Young Fame in 2005. Today it contains 7 gifted artists: Young Fame (CEO), Apollo The Great, O-Skeez, Mikey Santos, Ava Michele, Dj Deuce, & Noonie.

Unlike any other young artists, Wondamuzik members have their own unique voice & style. So if your ears have missed some real Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, &/or Reggae music... Wondamuzik is the supplier u need.  In my book, real music is the music that has power to make your heart beat faster & your mind think clearer. So are u ready to hear something really real?

Ready or they go! 

It's only the beginning...stay tuned!
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
       If u love horror, & everything that has to do w/ horror, u definitely need to grab yourself a copy of Young Fame's new mixtape this Halloween…but don’t be scared, cuz the only one who can fall victim to “Da Thriller” is music industry. U wonder why?...Well, simply cuz “Da Thriller” is so true & u know…truth hurts. This mixtape is everything u could expect from a hip-hop mixtape and even more. First off, it has a theme. It's not a bunch of tracks put in one pack & called “mixtape”. It's a piece of art w/ concept. And if u look closely, u can see that the concept/theme is of double nature: explicit & implicit. The explicit theme is “horror culture”, Halloween, or whatever u wanna call it. The implicit theme is the state of hip-hop culture. So taking into the consideration both concepts, it ain't hard to tell that the mixtape is kinda “audio movie”. It begins w/ an intro that sets the mood for the whole journey to the world of Young Fame. Each song/skit is entertaining, it tells a story, it keeps u in suspense. But the moment u think that the journey is over, cuz the outro is supposed to be the end, u realize that there's more…the bonus tracks give u an extra opportunity to recognize the future hip-hop legend. In my opinion, the strongest songs are “Welcome To My Nightmare”, “He's Still Alive”, “Phantasm”, “Delusional”, “Outta My Mind”, & “Bonus tracks”. But don’t get me wrong, the whole mixtape is a killer. Young Fame is a representative of East Coast Rap scene (Philly/New Jersey) & using metaphors is something he is supper good at. What I really love about metaphors in hip-hop is that they draw a general scheme & YOU choose what to see/hear: entertainment or depth of an artist. If u are into the depth, u have a unique opportunity to test your perception, cuz the more u listen to a song, the more hidden messages u can find there…it's up to your perception, mind, & imagination. And Famey has a lot to say. But what makes this mixtape even more special is production. The whole thing was written and produced by the one and only Lester “Young Fame” Bridges. Today's producers usually play w/ the same melody or trick and their music is so boring, but “Da Thriller” breaks all the “rules”. Its sound has expressive style u will never forget, but at the same time every joint has its own flavor. What more can I say? Feel free to get familiar w/ one of the hottest MCs: visit to get to know Famey and to download the mixtape. Young Fame also has a myspace page. And of course, follow him on Twitter. Special shout out to the whole Wondamuzic fam!
To support “Da Thriller” means to support hip hop's future! Don't miss the opportunity!
Monday, October 26, 2009

    Artists come and go everyday. Today this artist is super popular and tomorrow no one even remembers his name. They are like shooting stars:very “bright”, but short-lived. Anyway, some artists manage to stay forever, even after they pass away or retire. So I'm asking myself, “What qualities does one need to survive in this game and to stay forever? What makes one legendary?” 

Skills: Flow/Vocabulary. If u can't rap…freestyle to be more exact, u can't call yourself an emcee. These days a lot of “artists” use so called ghostwriters; I guess this is one of the reasons why we have so many wack rappers. Originally only a winner of rap battles could be am emcee. But in today’s industry u need marketable face, voice, and be ready to sell yourself, cuz ghostwrites and managers will do the rest for u…if they believe that it will bring them money. Flow is supposed to be unique, kinda emcee's DNA: word play, metaphors, pronunciation, speed, sick rhymes, anything that makes one outstanding. 

If one is good at rhyming/rapping it's good, but it's not enough. There must be a magnetic personality behind the flow. And when I'm saying “personality”, I'm not talking ‘bout a marketable character…I'm talking ‘bout a real person who ain't afraid to be himself and to speak his mind. A legend is characterized by honesty. He is a menace to society, cuz he spits nothing but reality. All he says is supposed to be truth. A legend keeps it really real 24/7. He tells real stories, and he doesn’t pretend to be something he's not. He has his own philosophy  and he lives according to it. He doesn’t betray this philosophy. He lives according to his code 'till his last breath. And this magnetic personality is colored by energy. It can be of two types: explosive or octane. Explosive energy attacks from the very beginning, from the moment artist is seen for the very first time. It's calling u, it's saying “I'm the sh*t. Try me and u’ll see what I be”. It's undeniable. It's an uncontrollable beast, no one can stop it. Octane energy is very quite. Probably u won't even notice it at first. But that's why it's so powerful. U don’t even see it & the next thing u know… u are caught up in it. It's kinda Trojan horse. 

So what makes one legendary? Well, it's a mixture of skills and personality that gives birth to a new unknown quality. And this X quality paves the way to the top. It's something that has never existed and will never be seen again. It's something that makes a legendary emcee the one. This is something that can't be faked. Hate it or love it…it will change the game forever. Ready or not… here it goes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let the lyrics speak for themselves ... 

R.E.D. in stores December 1st

In the beginning hip-hop culture was a ghetto secret, but today, when it's one of the most famous cultures in the world (if not in the history), a lot of people think that everyone can rap. People get that celebrity status and start thinking of “rap career”. So those people who ain't really familiar w/ the culture think that being a rapper is easy. At first it hurt me…but they say, “If u can't change the situation, change your attitude towards this situation”. So how ‘bout differentiating a rapper from an MC? 

First off, lemme define “rap” and “hip-hop”… Yeah, I know that “rap” is music & “hip-hop” is a culture, but I'm gonna remind u another definition given by Sid Shaw (from Brown Sugar): “So what's the difference between rap and hip hop? It's simple. It's like sayin' you love somebody and bein' in love with somebody. Rap is only a word”. I believe that this is essential if you wanna see the difference between a rapper and an MC. First there was love…it was born somewhere in the Bronx…it was genuine…it was born by dreamers who had nothing but passion for music and hope for a better reality. Everytime they rhymed it was coming from the bottom of their hearts. No one promised them multi-platinum albums, record deals or concerts at Madison Square Garden. They spent their own money to have an opportunity to perform. They performed in the middle of the street, in the park, round the corner, everywhere… but every performance, every song was a true declaration of love. Record labels, sponsors, businessmen saw that “authenticity sells” (Russell Simmons’ rule) and they decided to make some money. But “I love you” phrase has one interesting quality: when you say it all the time not meaning it, it loses its magical power and turns into a word…“rap”… MC stands for “master of ceremonies”, “microphone controller”, which means that freestyling/performing is a ceremony, a very special and intimate event; MC is a controller, he/she controls the whole “crowd” with the help of “I love you” hidden in 16 bars. MC’s took hip-hop to this level; they showed the world what “REAL LOVE” is capable of. Rappers spit nothing but words, sounds. They create a product for labels to sell. They work according to certain schemes, they listen to what their mind says, they forget about that dream-girl/boy they used to be when they lived in the ghetto. They allow the game the change them, when their mission is to change the game. MC is a lover, and rapper is a money machine. MC is an artist who loves art too much to abuse it. MC bumps heads w/ record label; he can give IN, but he doesn’t give UP. He keeps it real ‘till his last breath. And if he has to choose between “money” & “freedom of speech”, MC chooses “freedom”. A rapper is someone who had a potential to become an MC, but he sold that potential. He does financially smart moves, but these moves are heartless…ain't real. He releases a few albums, he is famous for a while, but eventually he is one out of many & in a few years no one even remembers his name cuz his music didn’t make an impact.

So when people tell me that being a rapper is easy, I don’t get mad, I don’t argue w/ them…I don’t advocate rappers. I advocate MCs…& emceeing ain't easy. So I have nothing but love, respect & support for MCs all over the world. U doubt if MCs exist, if people who can say “no” to money exist?… MC is a lover & in the words of Euripides, “He is not a lover who does not love forever”. So all u have to do is look around. Check your local record store or local record store or serf the Internet. Best believe me that there's a huge army of dope MCs. Sometimes it feels like I live in the Matrix, where major record labels represent “agent Smith” and true hip-hop lovers are “Neos”. So the question is… Who u with? Agent Smith? Or Neo? 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
At first I couldn't understand why Game kept his artists undercover. We saw them in his videos, he promoted the whole BWS movement, but he never used his major status to promote his people. "The Game" is an international brand, so technically it was the easiest way to introduce Juice, Clyde Carson, X.O., Elijah, Nu Jerzey Devil  & Southsider to the world. I remember one of his interviews where he explained it. He said that they had to grow first; he wanted to treat his artists just like Dr. Dre treated him: they had to begin w/ mixtapes and prove that they deserved a studio album. I don't know if Dr.Dre & The Game will ever reunite for real; but one thing I know for sure: Dre discovered one of the illest West Coast minds. I believe that the BWS is exactly what West Coast rap has been missing. Well,  maybe these rappers haven't reached their potential, but I can see the growth... So check them out!

I wonder how Mr. Taylor gonna treat Shyne...The most recent rumors state that Shyne has reportedly signed to Black Wall Street Records imprint

Friday, October 2, 2009
I remember the first day I met you. You caught my eye when you entered the room. I had never seen a man like you. I guess it was a love from the very first sight… or word. Cuz when you said what you said my heart started melting. We became mutual friends. You were the only one who had the power to save me from myself; and you still got it. You were there for me everytime I needed you. You took your time to get to know me, to see the real me, to discover the woman I was inside. You didn't need me to talk about my problems and fears, cuz you had already been there. I just had to open up my heart and to listen to your wisdom. You knew how to give me the right advice not saying that I was wrong. You were there when all my wounds were healed and I was ready to love. My very special friend also became my one and only lover… the love of my life. They say, “It's easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you”. Well, I guess I found this someone. And it’s YOU! You do the grown man thing everytime I act like a child. You are the daddy I've never had. I need the father in you my brother. You respect me, my feelings and wishes. You catch me when I fall. You love me flaws and all. You take me as I am. You purify me. You always stay faithful to me, even though there are so many others who are trying to be where I am. Even when I’m alone, I’m never lonely cuz your love is always with me. You give me strength to be all that I can be. You encourage me to be a strong and independent woman, cuz you are strong enough to love a strong woman. You showed me my own beauty. You make me feel like I’m a queen even when I’m with no make up on and my hair is in a ponytail. I’m a queen because YOU are my king. Even when we break up, you know the right thing to do to make up. I've fallen in love many times... always with you. My love for you knows no limits. I promise to be yours for the rest of my life. I’m dedicating my life to you. I hope I'll find the way to make it up to you, cuz what your love has done to me is a miracle. I’m in love with YOU…hip-hop!

I used 2 ♥ him

Common used to love H.E.R. & I used to love H.I.M. (Hip-hop Is My Muse) ... but true love never dies ... this is my L.O.V.E. S.T.O.R.Y.


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