Friday, January 28, 2011
Greatness is something that distinguishes a true artist… They say, champions aren't born they are made. But does it work for Hip-Hop? What does it take to become a Hip-Hop Champion?
Every time artists drop their d├ębut album no one really expects a lot from them. If an artist is just nice that will do for critics & fans. Rookies are allowed to make a lot of mistakes before they find their own lane. But maybe that’s the problem?
Hip-Hop is a relatively young culture & it's always been a culture of rookies… of talented rookies tho’. Every rap pioneer was just a rookie of a nonexistent game when he introduced his “invention” to the world. They had no mentors to school them but never the less they succeeded. You'd ask why? Simply cuz they had no right to be “just nice”… they had to be great right from the start & treat every verse like it was their last verse & every battle/cypher like it was their last chance. The competition was so crazy that only chosen ones could survive & those chosen ones had “something” that made them Hip-Hop Champs. 
That “something” is a “seed of greatness” that is destined to grow into a real urban legend. Did Nas need time to find his own lane? Nah, he just put his heart into his very first album & gave the world one of the most classic Hip-Hop albums of all times. And even tho it took him some time to become a heavyweight, “Illmatic” made it clear for everyone that Nas wasn't ya average rapper. 
Some people say that the game has changed & it will never be the same but I beg to differ cuz certain things never change & great will always be great just like wack will always be wack & average will always be average.
Lemme introduce to y'all an up-and-coming New Jerz emcee who goes by the name of Andrew. His music is something breathtaking: so simple & so complex, so real & so surreal, so old school & so new school at the same time… some things never change so great is still great. 
Check out Andrew's song called “Anyone”.
For more Andrew check out his official website & follow him on twitter.

Money, cars, clothes & hoes… that’s the image of success that mainstream Hip-Hop gives us. A lot of cats play this game just to get all that but how many of them would give it up in order to win the right to change the game instead of being changed by it?
Daniel “Motown Pride” Jefferson is the living proof that there’s thin line between being a “dreamer” & a “believer” and this line is drawn by courage, unique vision, hard work and burning desire to live ya dreams. How can you possibly know that you can’t fly if you never even tried… crawling your whole life? 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Lights… Camera… “This is how we roll… Spielberg directed the flick... guess who played the lead role… ATG the hero… the rest of y’all are just supporting actors…” Action...
When it comes to Apollo The Great & Verb Spielberg, it’s always a different kind of action cuz it involves no acting. Who needs that if you got Hip-Hop in your DNA? That’s when you can touch the mic & turn a verse into an epic visual… kinda like a real movie that comes to life every time you press play.
There’s prolly no such song concept that hasn’t been used before but if you can take an “old” concept & turn it into something unhearda that’s what makes you a true lyricist. And once again Apollo & Verb proved that their lyrical game ain’t no joke. When was the last time you could play the same song again and again & every time find there an ill metaphor you didn’t notice before?
Ill production by one-man-band-man YFame became that missing puzzle piece that turned the song into a real masterpiece. 
Hip-Hop ain’t dead… it just move to New Jerz!
Shout out to ThoroBredBoyz, Verb Spielberg, Apollo The Great, YFame, Eddro, Big Breezy & Sheron Barber. |
What makes a song classic? Lots of songs are released every day. Some of them become hits; they are hot for a while & then no one even remembers about that song cuz a new record took over the charts & that new record is what's hot now. But nevertheless some songs manage to remain relevant for decades. What makes those “some songs” different? Think of your favorite songs of all time… you might not remember their chart position, what radio station played it most or how many times it went platinum but you do remember the feeling it gave ya when you heard it for the very first time. Somehow those songs became a soundtrack to your life & you come back to them again & again to experience that feeling…
Check out another song that w/o a doubt will become a soundtrack to your life. “The Feeling” by Floco Torres is not your average Hip-Hop track. Floco’s music is always outta this world. While other artists are following trends Floco keeps on experimenting & eventually brings to the table something so special & so unique that it’s impossible to ignore the talent…

"Floco’s Modern Life" coming soon... For more Floco Torres go to 

I used 2 ♥ him

Common used to love H.E.R. & I used to love H.I.M. (Hip-hop Is My Muse) ... but true love never dies ... this is my L.O.V.E. S.T.O.R.Y.


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