Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hip-Hop community has always been a secret society w/ its own code. But ever since the culture stopped being a ghetto secret, a lot of “laws” have been questioned. Eventually, today we've got lots of controversy in the game. Without a doubt ghostwriting is one of the most controversial phenomena. Discussing this issue has been like some kind of taboo for years. A lot of people still argue if ghostwriting is a positive or negative phenomenon in Hip-Hop.

First off, there are two totally different “types” of ghostwriting. The history of Hip-Hop knows lots of cases when a successful artist ghostwrote songs for others, either to prove his lyrical skills or to express himself differently participating in “unique” projects. Emcees like Nas, Jadakiss, The Game, Jay-Z, Mase, Smitty, T.I., The D.O.C., Royce Da 5’9” & many others ghostwrote “a song or two” in their careers. This kind of “collabo” can also be a great way for up-and-coming artists to become well connected & well respected inside of the industry, since sometimes the rap game is more about who you know than who you are & being supported by heavyweights can play a huge role in artist’s career.

But every medal has its reverse & the music industry often creates a mirage. It takes a person w/ certain “star qualities” like marketable face & personality, nice delivery and creates a “star” when in reality that “artist” has nothing to do w/ emceeing.

This “Poet vs. Entertainer” issue is exactly what bothers Hip-Hop community so much. Hip-Hop culture… and rap music in particular is a lot more than just entertainment. Emcees have always been ghetto poets, people who could make a difference using the power of the spoken word. Emceeing is all about being a multitalented player… real MVP. You can't be just a good performer or just a good lyricist or just a “natural-born star”. Nah, it's not the case. The rap game is a survival of the illest. Only chosen ones came to the game, changed it & stayed there forever. 

So who's a ghostwriter? Is he a friend or a foe? At this moment, ghostwriters indisputably are the warriors of the invisible front called lyricism. The rap game doesn't recognize being #2; it has no mercy for everything fake. That's why rappers come & go but emcees stay forever and ghostwriting is just a new level of the game called ”Hip-Hop Vs. The Industry”. I bet y'all already know who's gonna win…

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