Saturday, June 26, 2010
            1970’s… somewhere in the Bronx a “ghetto secret” was born. In the beginning the whole movement was all about the East Coast. Philly, New Jerz & of course NYC originated everything that's considered to be “Classic Hip-Hop” today. It doesn't matter what part of the country you rep cuz I bet that there's at least one East Coast “Golden Boy” on your list of Top 10 MCs. It's almost impossible to overestimate East Coast's impact on the culture. New York  ruled the game for decades establishing traditions & canons of the culture being the “East Coast” in the rap game for a long time. 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s & even early 2000’s… everyday a star was born. “Five boroughs” gave the world the biggest stars in the history of Hip-Hop. But as time passed the situation changed & the East Coast started losing the “boss status” due to all the tribulations, inner rivalry, commercialization and some other processes. All of a sudden the great past became less than enough to be the ruler… A lot of people claim that the East Coast ain’t as influential as it used to be. Well, if you turn on TV or the radio you'll hear the same voices you heard a few years ago. The “new blood” ain’t making noise like it's supposta & the “veterans” don't always keep up w/ the game. But does it mean that “the great past” has no “future”? Or maybe Hip-Hop is simply cooking a new “ghetto secret”… a “secret” that went underground to make the illest comeback & shake the whole world again? I'd been asking myself this question for a few years till the day when I ran into a stranger who looked so brand new & so familiar at the same time & that stranger was none other than New Jerz Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop's finest traditions mixed w/ honesty, free rebellious spirit, true love for the culture, mad talent, innovation, and hunger for greatness, success & recognition… “Don't talk about it, be about it” is the formula of New Jerz Hip-Hop. If 1970’s can be considered as the date of birth of Hip-Hop then late 2000’s be the Resurrection… the Resurrection of the East Coast Hip-Hop in its purest essence cuz while the industry is just getting ready for the next level NJ artists & producers like Verb Spielberg, Apollo The Great, YFame, O-Skeez, Floco Torres, VeloCitY, Haiti Da Poet, SneakerBox Chock, Greeph, Doochie Bass, Money Carsin, Prince Of Da Piff, ILL Gates, Eddro, Traxx Trigga, White Mike, Shizz Beats and many others already play the game on that level raising the bar not only for the East Coast but for the whole Hip-Hop community. Good ol’ Hip-Hop w/ absolutely new & sometimes even unexpected flavor is the bomb that's about to explode & put the new capital of Hip-Hop on the map. 

*Writing the illest bars even in his sleep*

The rap game is a game that never stops. It's a 24/7 competition where even the sky ain’t the limit & perfectionism is the driving force that gives birth to the illest Hip-Hop legends. The moment one thinks that he is the King of the game & decides to rest on his laurels, a new cat comes to the game & takes over the crown bringing to the table something absolutely unhearda. The rap game is prolly the only game where only one moment separates a rookie from a legend…   

A few days ago Camden's very own Apollo The Great dropped his debut vid “Call it quits” a message for those who take Hip-Hop as a joke clowning on BET, MTV & the radio cuz Apollo is about to remind the whole world what Hip-Hop is all about…

And visit to witness how a “rookie turning into a legend” takes over the game

Friday, June 11, 2010
          When do you know that an artist is outstanding? If I was asked this question I would say, when his music can talk to my heart in such unknown but still so familiar “language”. And most definitely Young Solomon is one of those artists whose music & voice can do something amazingly crazy to your soul. New School artist w/ Old School soul, he carries on his family’s legacy with such a grace bringing R&B to another level. Being driven by true love for music, Solomon has mad work ethic & never stops perfecting his craft. His every performance takes you on a journey to another world… the world created by the soulfulness & honesty of his voice. Incredible vocalist, performer, songwriter, actor… without a doubt Young Solomon is one of thee most promising R&B artists of our time.
Monday, June 7, 2010
          Y’all know the official elements of Hip-Hop culture… but to me “dreaming” has always been the most official one since in the beginning it was all a dream… a beautiful yet wild dream that became reality despite all the hate, criticism & obstacles. Hip-Hop nation is a nation of dreamers whose self-belief changed world’s understanding of what’s possible & what’s not. 

Carrying on this tradition D~Y introduces to the world her first but already classic mixtape called “DreamPusher”. No matter how much of a skeptic/non-dreamer you are, this mixtape will touch your soul in so many different ways. Even tho’ it’s D~Y’s very first mixtape this girl ain’t no rookie. It’s safe to call her a true veteran cuz she reps Hip-Hop to the fullest. Her unique style lies somewhere in between “Old School” & “New School”; instead of following trends Dynasty sets them. And “DreamPusher” is the best proof. The mixtape breaks all the stereotypes & lets the world know that females got their own story to tell. Soulful yet sick flow, incredibly deep lyrics, genuine & charismatic personality are among the things D~Y brings to the table. But what makes this mixtape really special is mad support from male artists, producers, DJs, etc… cuz eventually we’ve got “her truth”, “his truth” and “thee truth”, which is “DreamPusher”. So who said that your yesterday’s mad dream can’t become your tomorrow’s reality? “...pushin' til the air is no longer within my lungs... cuz the one who keeps it movin' is the one who overcomes” 

DOWNLOAD "DreamPusher" HERE 


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