Tuesday, May 25, 2010

         What happens when ill talent goes hand in hand w/ unique vision? Well, the answer is easy… take a look at O-Skeez. This young artist is something this game ain’t never seen. Without a doubt “unique” is thee word to describe this emcee. No matter what it is he does it his own way bringing to the table something outstanding…

Monday, May 17, 2010

    Hip-Hop… Essence… Realness… There are the words that come into my mind every time I listen to Dynasty's music. This girl is thee definition of a “femcee”. Her music is a perfect combination of the best Hip-Hop traditions w/ something that the world has never witnessed before. And while most artists are trying to drop a hit, D~Y gives the world one classic song after another… 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Despite the fact that Detroit Indie Hip-Hop scene is probably the most underrated one, without a doubt it has its own unique flavor & a galaxy of truest stars. One of those stars is an up-and-coming emcee Prophecy. Being the self-proclaimed "voice of the streets", every time he grabs the mic he tells another side of the story… the true story of a real g… the story of the one who comes to the game to change it. After several years of being lost between his love & his passion (Hip-Hop & basketball), Prophecy finally chose music & he ain't gonna stop till he reaches the top.

Artist's latest album “Hidden Chapters” is another confession of the streets. Being a student of school & the street, Prophecy managed to mix these two “worlds” & created something that everyone can relate to… of course if they know what "hustle by any means" is all about. This album is a story of one man's glory & his way to the top through all the blessings & tribulations that life can bring.

Mad lyrical game, substance & delivery that touches your heart be something that makes every song on the album so special that you just wanna play it again & again.

For more Prophecy check out his twitter, myspace & official website

I used 2 ♥ him

Common used to love H.E.R. & I used to love H.I.M. (Hip-hop Is My Muse) ... but true love never dies ... this is my L.O.V.E. S.T.O.R.Y.


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