Thursday, January 7, 2010

                Even tho’ there are lots of different ways to promote an artist, it seems that the music industry still has no clue about it, especially when it comes to female emcees. Unfortunately, every lady who wants to be an emcee has only two ways to the top of the game. She uses either “sexy” image or smart yet feminine, tomboyish image. But since the “sexy” image is the easiest way to reach “success”, the majority of females chooses it. I remember one of No I.D.’s interviews where he criticized Drake for being a heartthrob. He said that using that kind of image was a dangerous game. At the same time he says that a chick has to rhyme about a d*ck in order to make it in this game. Well, the first part is understandable, but the second one … I don’t think so. This is exactly what destroys the reputation of female rap. There have been hundreds of female rappers in the history of hip-hop. Some of them had their temporary buzz & were gone in a minute; some of them became legendary artists. So what's the difference between an outstanding femcee and a one freak hit wonder? What do emcees like Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Sha Rock, Missy Elliott, Eve, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Jean Grae, Mae Day, & Dynasty have in common besides substance & deep lyrics? They all brought something new/special to the game. They ain’t afraid to be themselves & represent their beliefs.

Now lemme add one more outstanding femcee to the list. Her name is RaTheMC & she reps D.M.V. According to Ra, a female emcee has to be much more than a rapper to succeed in the rap game & Ra has a lot to bring to the table being emcee/ singer/ song writer/ photographer/ fashion consultant & having undeniable charisma. Rashea ain’t concentrating on the “gender” problem & simply tries to establish herself as an emcee respected by both camps (male & female). Her goal is to change the way female emcees are viewed in the industry, to be treated as equal. In Ra's book, emcee is supposed to be a good storyteller and she is definitely good at it. Her songs have both, storyline & very special vibe created by her charisma, flow and vocals. On top of that RaTheMC has her own style/image: she doesn’t accept trends, she creates trends of her own.

Download “Trending topics” (for free) here 

Download “Are You Not Entertained” (for free) here 

Download “A Mixtape About Something, I think” (for free) here 

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