Monday, December 21, 2009
       They say that Hip-hop is dying, but I believe that R&B is in even worse situation. These two genres has always walked hand in hand like a brother and a sister; they co-influenced each other … R&B tracks were used as samples for hip-hop songs, while “hip-hop beat” influenced the sound of contemporary urban R&B; they even blended into so called hip-hop soul. But recently R&B became such a cliché genre…all singers look and sound the same…everytime you watch BET or MTV, listen to the radio, it looks/sounds like some kind of parade of clones. Well, hip-hop has a powerful underground/indie scene. Even though they haven't made much noise, they are there and they are about to blow the industry up. But when it comes to underground R&B …well, the only decent artist I can name is prolly Mayaeni … at least I thought so… and I’m really happy to admit that I was wrong. Maybe underground R&B scene is less loud, but it’s waiting to be discovered & introduced to the world and there are lots of real diamonds in the rough: people w/ true talent and pure love for music. 

One of these diamonds in the rough goes by the name of Nneka. Her name means “Mother is supreme, mother is the best” and she reps her name to the fullest. Nneka is a mixture of different cultures: a daughter of an African father and a German mother…born and raised in Nigeria, she had been influenced by a lot of cultures and eventually became a voice of the ghetto we all live in … the ghetto called “The Earth”. She is not one of those “hot”, candy coated, “ghetto”, half-naked “divas” … nah, it’s not the case. Her music is a lot deeper than that. Nneka’s lyrics reflect her life experience, journey from Nigeria to Germany, issues of the Third World countries, moral values of our time and other things that are beyond the material world. Her style reminds of Erykah Badu & Lauryn Hill. Nneka has a unique raw sound as a singer and a soulful flow as an emcee. Even though she sings more than raps, it’s safe to call her a singer/femcee cuz Nneka is a true artist. 

This month Nneka has had a mixtape called “The madness” out. Her true talent amazed a lot of your favorite artists like Talib Kweli, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Jay Electronica, and Damien Marley …just to name a few. They were impressed so much, that they made guest appearances on the mixtape. I guess that such list of guest appearances speaks for itself. So let the madness begin… 

Download "The Madness" (FOR FREE) here 

For more Nneka check out her myspace page & twitter.

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