Tuesday, December 1, 2009
     I remember the very first day I “met” hip-hop…it’s been a while since that day…almost 10 years. I remember the feeling it gave me, or used to give me cuz these days not a lot of artists make that real music. The kind of music that makes your heart beat faster. The kind of music that touches your soul & gives you goose bumps… Damn, I miss those days! That's why there's nothing better than discovering an artist who can bring you back in the day when rap was real and not commercial. 

One of those artists is an up-and-coming female emcee Mae Day. Earlier this year (on Feb. 3, 2009 to be more exact) she dropped her second album called “Cherish The Day”. This project compliments her talent perfectly. She has a very powerful flow. It’s able to fit any kind of track; it’s very soulful & hard-core at the same time. She is a real MC (Master of Ceremony). The moment you start listening to her songs, you just can’t stop; you wanna press “rewind” really bad. Her music takes over your heart and mind. She is undeniable.

The whole project would've been way too risky for a lot of artists; they would've preferred working with “big” producers who create “mainstream” tracks than trying something new and fresh. But word “cliché” ain’t in Mae Day's vocabulary. As a huge fan of good ol’ music from 80-90s, Mae knows what real music is. “Cherish The Day” is a Sade-themed concept album produced by De Notes (who used to be a part of SickNotes production team) and mixed by DJ Mick Boogie. The two Detroit natives created a new inimitable sound w/ the help of their chemistry and true love for hip-hop. The most impressive part of the project is that while Mae Day is talking to the listener via lyrics, De Notes talks via beats. Beats complete lyrics & lyrics complete beats. It’s a perfect combination. When it comes to lyrical content, it ain’t hard to tell that Mae was influenced by legendary old school MCs and she carries on tradition. As a matter of fact, she is a friend of MC Lyte…you know they say, “real recognize real”. Deep lyrical content is an essential feature of Coiya “Mae Day” Renee's style. Today, the majority of rappers focuses on a memorable/catchy hook and forgets about messages. Their verses sound horrible and eventually the whole song makes no sense. But it’s not the case. There's no bragging or “blah blah” in her songs…nah, it’s a straight real talk. Coiya  touches upon a variety of topics: love, life, success, determination, dreams, and hip-hop. Every human being can find a Mae Day song to relate to. But you won't hear any explicit sexual lyrics from her; her style is what Mia Michaels calls “sensual innocence”. Unlike some other so called new school femcees, Mae Day doesn’t try to create that “sexy hoeish image”. She stays feminine, but at the same time Mae is strong/skillful enough to compete w/ any male MC; baby-girl can punch w/ rhymes. 

The strongest joint on the album is … well, I must say that each and every joint is a classic one… each and every song is a masterpiece. There’s something special about every song.

But besides incredible rapping skills, Mae Day has an outstanding personality. She is not your average girl. She has her own philosophy and she lives according to that philosophy every day of her life to the fullest. When the majority of artist are down for whatever to “be on top” and get them $$$, Coiya Renee does everything her own way and stays true to the culture; she ain’t looking for “temporary fame”, her every move makes her classic & legendary. Even though being an indie artist ain’t that easy, Mae keeps on going this way & after 7 years of hustling on hip-hop scene she has already accomplished a lot. Despite the fact that Detroit doesn’t show its artists love ‘till they make a big break, C. Renee repps her city to the fullest and doesn’t forget to give Detroit the first crack at whatever she's doing. But at the same time she ain’t trynna take over Detroit. Her mindset and set of goals are bigger than a city, she was born to be a world wide known artist…and she will be…

In other words, Mae Day is the total package: form & substance; unbelievable rapping skills & a deep personality. She has that “it” factor. You simply can’t deny her. So feel free to get to know Mae Day and watch history in the making, cuz Mae Day's way to the top is a birth of a new legend. 

For more Mae Day check out her on Twitter, Myspace, & Imeem  

You can download “Cherish The Day” through www.maedaymaeday.com (FOR FREE)

Mae Day is more than just an emcee …she is a wake up movement! You just can’t sleep on her! It’s a no no! 

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